Das Boot now streaming in Canada on CBC Gem

As a fan of the 1981 Wolfgang Petersen film of the same name – when I first heard of this German produced mini-series last year, I had been eagerly anticipating its release date in North America.

The series is not actually a reboot as some have termed it, but picks up in 1942 after the events of the original film – following intertwined storylines on both land and at sea with a new U-boat and crew.

After it was announced that Hulu would be getting the rights to air it for the US market, I held out hope that someone would pick it up for Canada, though this isn’t always a given.

To my pleasant surprise, I just happened across it by accident on CBC Gem.

I had missed CBC’s press release last week with this bit of news along with their other June releases. I suppose it fell under the radar – or more aptly, evaded my sonar (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

If you haven’t tried CBC Gem for anything yet, give it a go for Das Boot. Yes, you will have to put up with commercials, but it IS free. And you get to watch it before Hulu airs it in America (June 17).

I do hope that CBC continues to keep its’ eyes open for lesser known but high quality programming that Bell/Crave may happen to overlook.

And if you enjoy the series, you’ll be glad to hear that it was renewed for a second season.

  • Watch the series, Das Boot Season 1 on CBC Gem
  • Watch the movie, Das Boot: The Theatrical Cut on Netflix
  • Buy the movie, Das Boot: The Director’s Cut at Amazon