New Apple streaming platform will be more family-friendly

Apple’s new video streaming platform is currently in the works and there is still not much in the form of details on how it will be delivered, or any definitive launch date.

However, it was recently reported that Apple has been seeking quality programming while avoiding anything controversial such as sex, profanity or violence.

Specialty channels and streaming platforms aren’t bound by the content rules of traditional network tv, and it is arguably these ‘risque’ elements that have allowed television to elevate its’ game in recent years.

Can Apple succeed with a catalogue consistent with Hallmark Channel / Disney-esque fare, while we’ve been consuming more edgier shows the past several years?

Visit this link for a list of what Apple has acquired and currently has in the works, of which only a couple of titles have piqued my personal interest so far – a remake of Steven Spielberg’s 80’s-era Amazing Stories and Little America (co-written by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon).