Jim Carrey is Mr. Pickles in Kidding

I recently watched the premiere episode of Showtime’s Kidding, a comedy-drama featuring Jim Carrey as a Mr. Rogers-like character attempting to come to grips with his life after suffering a personal tragedy.

With the buildup and resulting media coverage surrounding TIFF the past couple of weeks, this new offering may have slipped under your radar.

While I acknowledge Carrey’s comedic body of work, I’ve always appreciated the roles where he was able to show his more serious sides – a personal fave is The Truman Show.

After having only seen one episode of Kidding, I’m intrigued enough to want to see more. It is currently being carried in Canada on CraveTV, however you can also catch episode 1 for free on Showtime’s Facebook page.

Update: The Facebook link is no longer valid. You can still catch episode 1 for free on their Youtube channel.