How to get free Google Play credit (or free $ for iPhone owners)

Google Opinion Rewards is an app available on both Android and iOS that pays you for answering questions based on your location history. Google uses this data to keep the info regarding businesses you visit, up-to-date and relevent.

The frequency in which I am offered survey opportunities have been inconsistent – ranging across the board from a couple a week to only a few a month.

Thus far, from what I recall – each of the surveys I have completed to date:

  • have only involved checkbox or radial button input
  • have been only a few questions in length (usually no more than 3)
  • have only taken less than 30 seconds of my time

I have earned an average of approximately 25 cents per survey, since first installing the app near the end of last year.

Apple users get paid via Paypal whenever their reward balance reaches a minimum of at least $2. Personally, I would actually prefer this – but as an Android user, rewards are in the form of Google Play credit.

The accumulated credit can then be used to pay for anything within the Google Play ecosystem; including apps, movies, tv shows, ebooks, news subscriptions, etc. Credits expire a year from the day they were issued.

I’m unclear as to whether the credit can be applied towards a Youtube Premium membership – there are a few second-hand comments on the web saying that it indeed can be, but I have not seen anything “official” confirming this.

If this is the case, I may use my credit to subscribe for a month or two, when the next season of Cobra Kai is released (While I really enjoyed the series – I have not been inclined to seek out any of Youtube’s other exclusive offerings as of yet).

Otherwise, I may likley end up spending my credit, some of which are soon-to-be expiring, to upgrade some frequently used apps on my mobile to ad-free/premium versions.