CBS to open film & tv production hub in Mississauga

It was recently announced, that US television network CBS, is planning on opening a new film & television production hub just outside of Toronto.

They currently produce 63 series – two of which immediately come to mind, and are on my current watch-list; Star Trek Discovery (shot in Toronto) and The Good Fight, both of which, are awaiting their next seasons in 2019.

While these were produced as CBS All-Access Originals, the Canadian version of CBS All-Access (which launched earlier this year), is missing a few shows, including Star Trek, of which Bell Media has the exclusive Canadian rights.

In Canada, The Good Fight’s regular season ran on The W Network, and Star Trek Discovery, aired on Space, and can now be found on CraveTV.

Yes – it can all be a bit confusing at times, trying to find out where to watch what – especially when we as Canadians, are always settling for platforms that are lacking when compared to its’ American counterparts.

Star Trek Discovery

The Good Fight